About our company

Our company was founded in 1989. At the beginning it was called Shoe Elements Production Factory. Later it developed into a Company named Shoe Elements Company FABELO Ltd.

Many years of experience, well qualified staff, good technical facilities as well as high organizational culture let our clients choose from the following:

  • attractive trade offer
  •  high quality products (soles, insoles, heels and others)
  •  really good service concerning: business relationship, order fulfillment, technological and technical support
  •  complex service (from a design to delivery of a final product)
  •  timely order fulfillment.

An ability to adjust to the changing market and to the needs of our clients constitutes the power of our company.

Our products are made of the highest quality materials that obtained quality, technical and health (tested for harmful substances) certificates.

Fabelo trade offer is based on the needs of our clients, the latest fashion trends as well as the newest technology solutions and is prepared by our design and implementation department.

On a client’s request

On a client’s request we can create a product strictly according to their directions. What is more, we guarantee exclusive right to the product and protection against unfair competition.