Heels, wedges, platforms and fusbets for male and female shoes.

1. Manufactured in the injection technology from polystyrene, ABS, EVA, TR

a. with coating joined with the heel (other product) in the mould in the injection process,

b. to be covered with leather or other natural or synthetic material.

c. finishing using the following methods:

  • coating
  • touching up
  • making textures – scratching and milling
  • tinting, waxing and brushing
  • metallising
  • galvanising

2. Heels manufactured in the layers bonding technology.

– layers of leather, regenerated leather, masonite, micro rubber.

We process them using the milling and grinding methods and finish them by:

  • tinting
  • waxing
  • brushing

Heel tips are manufactured in the injection technology from GPU and TR. Some decorative elements made of leather, GPU or tunit can be added to them.

We offer a wide range of colours of heels materials and heel tip materials, paints, tints and waxes.
On a client’s request we can adjust colours of our products to the colours of their uppers.