Male and female shoe soles.

1. Soles manufactured in a traditional technology

In this technology we are using following materials:

  • cut materials – tunit, micro rubber, GPU, TR and different rubber-like materials,
  • semi-finished products (clamp soles) made of TR or GPU in an injection technology,
  • semi-finished products made by joining materials such as tunit or leather with an element of TR or GPU in an injection mould.

Sole elements and soles are processed using the following methods:

  • milling, grinding, cutting, etc,
  • joining with other semi-finished products such as welts, heels, platforms, clamp soles and others – using bonding method.

Soles are refined by:

  • painting
  • tinting
  • embossing
  • laser carving
  • forming
  • brushing with the use of polish and wax

Types of solesL:

  • Szteklak sole – a high heel sole with a small part put under a heel
  • Karczek sole – a high heel sole with a part covering a breast of a heel
  • monolithic soles

2. Soles manufactured in the injection technology

To manufacture the soles in the injection technology we use moulds produced in the Fabelo mould shop. This type of sole is made of TR or TPU.

The refined soles are joined in the mould in the injection process with the following elements:

  • leather or other material coating
  • heels with leather coating
  • welts

Bottoms are refined by:

  • painting,
  • tinting,
  • brushing with the use of polish and wax.

We offer a wide range of colours of soles materials,  paints, tints and waxes.
On a client’s request we can adjust colours of our products to the colours of their uppers.